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Haden, You Are So Very Special To Me…

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History of the Forklift

A fork lift is a powered industrial truck used to lift and carry materials in warehouses and factories. Today a variety of new and used forklifts are available from forklift dealers. There are new and used forklifts that are powered by diesel, gas or electricity. Modern fork lifts are known for their high performance features … Read More

Whoa! My Friends Are Gonna Be Here In 20 Minutes

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Does this campaign work? University of Nebraska semis are cruising the highways to boost out-of-state enrollment and build academic brand awareness–and they're carrying high hopes.

The 53-foot semitrailers you see on the road do more than just cruise the highways, unload goods, and hit the rest stops. They also serve as an important advertising medium–one that can reach a broad, diverse audience, 24/7. In fact, food and beverage companies have been advertising via trucking for decades. But, higher ed hawking … Read More

This Group Text With Emma Stone, J Law, Amy Schumer And Brie Larson Is BFF Goals

My friends are pretty cool, but not like Emma Stone-Jennifer Lawrence-Amy Schumer-Lena Dunham-and-Brie Larson cool. Know what I mean? Brie Larson recently spoke with [group of friends], confirmingall of our fangirl dreams are real by revealingthat she and the previously listed starlets all share a group text thread. REX/Shutterstock I meannnnjust theidea of these amazing … Read More

Tim Howard Is America’s Lord And Savior, Despite World Cup Loss

You did everything you could, Tim. Thanks for being our guy. 1. This is Tim Howard, America’s World Cup goalie and all-around hero. View this image › Getty / Jamie McDonald 2. He just played in his second World Cup for America. View this image › ESPN / Via 3. Needless to say, Howard … Read More

Graphic Australian Safe Driving Commercial Will Make You Cringe

Video available at: For the uninitiated, Australian is known for their brutal highway and workplace safety ads (see this video, also via TAC, and these posters for WorkSafe Victoria). We don’t show stuff like this here in America because, frankly, we love our cars too much and hate the dickens out of pedestrians. … Read More

Community Post: Jewel Toned Pigeons Take To The Sky

View this image › Artists JULIAN CHARRIÈRE and Julius von Bismarck wanted to change how the people of Copenhagen, Denmark felt about pigeons. Seen as vermin, or “rats of the sky”, most urban citizens have a distaste for the omnipresent birds. Julian and Julius built a device, pictured below, and installed it on the roof … Read More

Shiba Inu Puppy ‘Can’t Even’ (Video)

Shiba Inu Puppy ‘Can’t Even’ (Video) Kibo the Shiba Inu puppy has a minor freakout every time his human feeds him and the kibble hits his food bowl.. via Read more:

21 Reasons Why Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin Will Never Be Forgotten

The Aussie icon’s cameraman has revealed Steve’s last moments. Australian adventurer Steve Irwin died in a freak accident eight years ago. [Steve] Australia Zoo The cameraman who filmed his death appeared on Australian TV to describe his friend’s final moments. [Steve] Studio 10 / Channel Ten / Via Steve Irwin’s cameraman Justin Lyons: “We … Read More

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