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Cat Plays with Hula Hoop

This cat was going bananas when he thought he stuck inside a hula hoop. He ran around in circles along the edge of the toy and rested between each sprint.

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The U.S. Women’s Hockey Team Had Boycotted For Fair Pay. Now They’re World Champs

The teams stunning victory came less than two weeks after itwon a more personal battleagainst USA Hockey, the sports national governing body, over fair pay for female players. More than a year of private negotiations between the U.S. womens national team and USA Hockey reached a boiling point in mid-May when the teamthreatened to boycott … Read More

Mom Urges People To Be More Accepting With a Heartwarming Facebook Post About Her 6-year-old Son’s Nail Polish

1 Devon Berryann has a 6-year-old son who likes to wear nail polish and girls’ clothes including this stylish tutu. via: 2 She recently took to to share the photo with a moving caption, urging people to be more accepting of those who might not conform to typical societal norms: 3 At age six, he … Read More

Who Was The Marketing Genius?

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Morning coffee

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One In Four People Have Sexual Fantasies About AI Voice Assistants Like Siri

First, the computers were out to steal your jobs, now they’re out to steal your hearts. A new report by marketing company Mindshare has investigated how people perceive voice-activated technology such as Apple’s Siri, Amazons Alexa, Cortana, and Google’s Home. It turns out, some people really,really like them. One in four regular voice technology users … Read More

It’s Been a Minute Since the Last Bizarro-Funny Commercial Clip, so Here You Go!

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If You Thought Dog Shaming Was Funny, Wait Until You See CHICKEN Shaming

The trend of shaming pets posing them with signs confessing their wrongdoings isn’t anything new. Usually you see it with dogs, cats, and maybe a rogue rabbit or two. But artist Amy Rawson wanted the world to know about the flaws of her farmyard friends, so she started what kind of sounds like either a … Read More

The Hardest Thing About Writing A Book

All my life I wanted to write a book. At first I wrote four books that agents and publishers all rejected. I thought the hard part was getting a book accepted. Having someone like me. But this wasnt the hard part at all. Anyone who is persistent will get that part done. These were the … Read More

Frozen Food Transportation Services to Ensure Freshness of Eatable Stuff

Frozen Vegetables Transportation services have opened growth for food related businesses. Vegetables and fruits that belong to different continents in the world are known for having their demand in different parts of India. People aim to explore new tastes and food varieties of different zones in the world. Therefore, demands for these products are increasing … Read More

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